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I am off to the mother-ship (Saint Louis) on Sunday for training. As part of my career development, I am going to enhance my supervisory skills. Its a 3 day class. For those that don’t know, I have been working weekends shadowing other group managers and I am scheduled to fly solo the weekend of May 10-11th. This class should help me put it all together. I think its a positive step for me. It is definitely a different type of challenge but it is the type of challenge that I think I can handle. Time will tell and I will write more on that after that weekend.

Since my class is only 3 days, I negotiated with my boss, Jackie, to spend the rest of the week in the big brewery and in the really small brewery.  One day shadowing with a GM in STL Brewing and one day in the Michelob Brewing Co (our Pilot Brewery). Literally the extremes of how things work. I am looking forward to all of the opportunities this trip offers. I will try to blog a little while I am there.

For those that keep asking themselves why I call Saint Louis the big brewery, I have to explain it better. Saint Louis is the hub of Anheuser Busch (yeah, I know you know that). Well, I work in the Merrimack, NH Brewery. Merrimack is the smallest domestic breweries for AB and yet our annual barrelage is more than all of the craft beer brewers in the US (that is not a knock to them). But Merrimack in the scheme of things is huge. Well Saint Louis (the mother-ship) is 5 times bigger than us. Yes, 5 times larger. Ridiculous.

P.S. I am not sure how many people that read this ever have this happen but I was watching a Michelob commercial the other night and I saw my boss (actually, my bosses-boss) Jackie in the most recent commercial. Its kindof cool and weird to see people you know in National TV commercials. Thats all. Just wanted to mention it.

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