Somethings that I can’t talk about

I am sure everyone has things that they do that they wish they could talk about. My job offers lots of opportunities like this and I wish I had an outlet for this but I really don’t. New Products, new commercials, exciting news which for the most part I can’t mention to anyone .

Not sure if I should even mention this example but since we have a press release, I will give it a shot. The recent announcement of Bud Light Lime. Yes, Bud Light Lime. I am sure your initial reaction was the same as mine when I heard about it early last month. I have always been somewhat critical of fruit infused beers (very quietly) as I do not like think that fruit belongs in beer (No lemon in Hefeweizen, No orange slice in my Belgian Wit). Of course, I make two exceptions. First, traditional beer styles like lambic using whole fruit( raspberries, cherries, peaches, black currants, etc) that are not syrupy and don’t smell fake. Second, Floating blueberries. For some reason, I am fascinated by those little buggers in my beer. Sink to the bottom and then take a ride back up to the top as the carbonation nucleates on them. Blueberry beer is one of my fruit beer vices. But other than those things for the most part, I hate fruit in my beer (especially citrus).

That was until now. Bud Light Lime is amazing. I tasted it last Thursday and I have to admit that it is a winner. Not overly bitter, a hint of sweetness, and a crisp lime aroma and slight citric tartness that just makes we want to keep drinking it. If it was out today, I would buy it for everyone I know. Heck, I would buy it for people I don’t know. Sipping it while watching the snow fall made me think of the cookouts and backyard BBQ’s with friends and family. All things fun about the coming of spring and the warming of summer. Its good stuff.

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