Continuing to prep “… for Punishment”

I have received the first set of ingredients and parts needed to make this beer.front_angle_with_hoses_web.JPG

My new toy is a legit wort chiller. No longer will I need to struggle to chill my wort in summer (or even winter). This was the one piece of equipment that has kept me from making alot more beer. Struggling to cool wort, pitching yeast too hot shouldn’t be a problem anymore. I am excited to try this out. Plus its like a mini-plate and frame heat exchanger 🙂

So I have the sorghum syrup, some dark belgian candi syrup (beet sugar), yeast and a yeast propagation kit. I think I need to prop a good crop of yeast for this beer since I think the sorghum syrup will not have the FAN (free amino nitrogens) and other nutrients that will make the yeast happy. Cascade, Fuggle, and Hallertau for my hop additions. The only thing missing is Buckwheat.

buckwheat_surprise.jpeg   bw.jpg
Not This   This

Honestly though, if I could actually find raw black unroasted buckwheat I might have that surpised look on my face too.

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One thought on “Continuing to prep “… for Punishment”

  1. You want whole buckwheat I guess, right? i.e. with the hulls still on them? Or are groats sufficient? Either way, I found a few online places with a bit of google work. Lemme know if you need any help tracking it down.

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