Braggot Rights

Although the Patriots kinda sorta spoiled the naming of this beer (or should I say mead). It is done. I put it in the keg on Monday and have to admit its pretty darn tasty. The blend of honey and malt makes for a perfect match of sweetness with body. Although it could just be in my head, I get a faint aroma of blueberry (I used 6lbs of Blueberry honey). Clarity is not as clean as I would have liked but I an worried that filtering would take away its subtleness. The alcohol is subdued but it has a little of that winey throat heat. I have a calculated estimate at 9.5%abv. I am going to see if I can get work to run a sample for me to get solid numbers. Overall, I am pleased with my first attempt at this hydrid style, braggot.

Maybe I should enter it in some Homebrew competitions to see if I could claim some true “Braggot Rights” 🙂

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