Super Bowl Preview

    Well, my predictions for the Championship games didn’t come out as planned. I guess I didn’t take into account the extreme cold and Brett Favre’s ability to time travel back to last year (when he threw as many TD’s as INT’s). His turnover in OT was the game ender and he knew it as he sat on the sideline and watched Lawrence Tynes finally make a FG (3-5 on the game and 0-2 in the 4th quarter. It was ugly to watch and I still have a hard time saying the best team won. Green Bay loses a heartbreaker 23-20 (OT).

On the Patriots side of things, the perfection train has moved on to its last stop, Super Bowl XLII. The score might look deceiving as the Pat’s won 21-12. All of San Diego’s points were off of FG’s but it seemed like throughout the game, Brady and the Pats were off. Timing on pass plays, run blocks, and dropping some critical short passes. Brady dropped from his god-like status long enough to throw 3 INT’s and keep this game much closer than I would have liked. The most impressive thing to me about the game wasn’t even the Patriots winning to go 18-0. It wasn’t Ladanian Tomlinson sitting on the sidelines with injury as all of Charger nation wondering why. It was Philip Rivers playing in this game while looking like he could barely walk. We find out in the media in the days following the the game that he actually had knee surgery the week of the game. The type of knee surgery that keeps smart players out for weeks. Bold statement and gritty performance by Rivers. He jumps up a few pegs in my book for that.

So the Big Game is set, a re-match between the New York Giants and the New England Patriots. I would say I am excited but its hard to keep the excitement going for 2 weeks. Its hard to stay excited knowing that the Pat’s have played NY twice this season and won both. Its hard to be excited knowing that with 2 weeks to get healthly and for Belichick to game plan that this game could easily be a laugher. I guess I am excited though. I am hoping the Patriots put an exclamation point on the 19-0 season with a game reminiscent of Super Bowl XXIX where Steve Young shredded a Chargers defense for 6 TD’s and the final 49-26. I won’t be that bold but I think it will be close to that.

My prediction. New England wins the coin toss and eventually roll over the Giants 38-21.

Even bolder Prediction: Wes Welker is Super Bowl XLII MVP. 8 – 108yds 2td

Way too Bold:

Team Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 F

NE 14 7 10 7 38

NY 7 0 7 7 21

Go Pats!!!

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