Elk Mountain

In an effort to not rehash the trials and tribulations of sectional/sofa/loveseat/etc shopping last weekend, I decided to show off one of the under appreciated finds in the shopping expedition. Elk Mountain Amber Ale SignThe Pub Store at the Burlington mall. Pretty sure this small store, on the end of the mall near the Cheesecake Factory, was or is going out of business or closing for the season. Having tapped into the lucrative Christmas market of all things beer (besides beer) , they were deep discounting and closing up shop. Sarah and I wandered the store to kill some time. SonyStyle, Apple Store, and a few others had the same effect. Now working for AB, I know what most of this beer stuff costs and found most of the items still overpriced (even with 40% off). Pint glasses and coasters being the worst offenders. Anyway, we wander to the back of the store and what do I see but signage perfection. An Elk Mountain Amber Ale 3D faux wood sign. Even better its $17. Sold!!!

For those who don’t know Elk Mountain Amber has a very interesting history. It was the first ale produced by Anheuser Busch in its 150+ year history. Released in December 1994 as a craft beer offering. The beer was crafted and brewed by the original Specialty Brewing Group (I was a member of round 2 for Demon’s Hop Yard). Brewed in Merrimack, NH and still touted by co-workers as one of the bests we ever made. In fact, we had multiply suggestions in the regional beer program to bring it back. It was a well loved beer and many are still sad that it is gone. Maybe one day it will make its triumphant return. Better Elk Mountain Amber than any of the oddly flavored Malt beverage mixes we made in years past (Tequiza Extra, Rumba, Doc Otis ‘s Lemon stuff, etc)

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