So the AFC and NFC title games are set. New York just beat Dallas as Tony Romo has once again found a way to blow his teams chances as time expires. Last year is was a bungled snap on the game winning field goal. This year it is an interception in the end zone with time running out. So with that New York is headed to Green Bay. I am hoping for GB to win this matchup. I think it will be nice to see Patriots vs Green Bay in the Super Bowl.

Yes, I said it. Patriots are going to beat San Diego. SD is good, good enough to barely beat a poorly playing Indy team. Good enough to go 12-4 in the regular season even though they were destroyed by the Patriots in week 2, 38-14. I know, I know. Its different. The Bolts are better now than then. They have won 7 straight and are looking for redemption.

My opinion is that they are in for a slaughter. New England is healthy, at home, and striving to complete what many said could not and will not ever happen, 19-0. San Diego is beaten and battered. Tomlinson and Rivers left the game early with injury. New England hasn’t lost a playoff game at home since the AFC Wildcard in 1999. Brady has never lost one. I don’t think that next weekend is going to be the first.

Look for the streak to continue:

Patriots 30 San Diego 17

Green Bay 24 NY Giants 17

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One thought on “17-0

  1. Your picks seem to match the Vegas thinking. Let’s hope you’re both right.
    Pats v. Packers in Superbowl XLII would rock!

    Look for the Pats to hold up their end… Go Pats!

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